Writing Exercise - Abecedarian

Forging Memories

Aliens stole all my

Batteries so now I

Can’t get off until

Dorothy wishes for home @ the

End of the movie when

Fin’ hits the screen & the

Grass beckons me to

Hunt (as if I were still six)

Insects w/ lights up their butts

Jumping jacks up to 100, when you & I were

Kings of the concrete yard

Licking lime superpops

Monsters w/ no way to the mall &

No money, except for

Oral persuasion to our

Parents who also had no money, except for

Quarters, which they squeezed every dime from every penny so we could go

Running into the

Shards of that concrete yard like I was

Tin Man wishing for his

Umbilical cord as the

Vultures circle me

Waiting for the day the bones of my

Xylophone become dust

Years will pass before I forget those batteries &

Zen becomes part of the equation