Recollection & Restoration

What they see when they ask,


where are you really from?

They note:

knock-off logos &

ruptured seams &

fragile &


Thought me

no such creature

But the data were gathered

Museum built brick-by-brick-by-bones

Photographs tatter the ribcage

maybe that’s auntie

maybe grandma

maybe that soldier’s

dog ate them all

Sensed during lonely days

my parents' conquered gaze

long El Monte haze

Fried fish heads skunked

2nd-hand Marlboro t-shirt

Foreign voices pepper this foreign skin,


where are you really from?

Moony eyes now overcast

Grown crooked & unnourished

Hurled toward The Purge of ‘75

Undermanned & without

requisite weapons

The armor worn was heavy yet

I was unprotected from

incisions by daggers

forged & sharpened

by the past

now my present

When someone dies

they don’t know it

think they’re asleep for

72 hours

On the 4th day

I carry my carcass to

water’s edge

Armed with a chisel

I mine the pain

mine the river

don’t mind the pain

I lived for stormy weather


where are you really from?

I am from otherside of same earth

Cracked as you but

My shards, my savage

weapons I choose to

lay down before you

This mound – my shrine


I am dead

You cannot

kill me