Words of Dharma

I look at you

across the table

My unspeakable anguish

We fed your father

to the incinerator

Not long ago

One day, we’ll do the same for you

Will our chants guide

you to the forest

when you were so

so lost here?

Them scars, they’re still grieving

Them scars, each one different

My mother’s, my sisters’, mine

My mother

remembers you

the boy who begged her to flee

April 12 morning

My sisters

remember you

the man they could not escape

Rosemead apartment


remember you

my root & my reflection

white-knuckle blacktop

We carry these memories

through hands

we use to touch

those we want

to want

to touch us back

I look at you

across the table

I wonder – do you dream of your father?

I do

In that umber world

He embraces you

as I sit still

& wait